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if You're Experiencing:
  • ​This is your first pregnancy and you want to give birth without fear or pain 
  • ​Have had a bad birthing experience in the past and want to make sure this time is different
  • You're afraid natural childbirth could "ruin" your body or your sex life
  • ​You want what's best for you and your baby 
  • ​You want a high quality education on birth without the high ticket price tag 
  • The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing you to change your birth plan


Mental & Emotional Preparation

We know that fear is the root cause for feeling pain during natural labor and delivery.  And that's why I will take you step by step through FIVE separate exercises strategically placed throughout this training that will help you confront, address, and release all your fears surrounding your pregnancy and birth  in order to ensure you have the best birthing experience possible.

Physical Preparation

You will learn how your  beautiful body is designed to give birth naturally. Why in most cases, interventions are not needed. And how to train your body to have an easy, relaxed, and calm birth. Plus you'll learn 14 proven ways you can reduce and even eliminate pain during labor, naturally! 

List of Common Interventions

There are 15 common interventions done during pregnancy, labor, and delivery that in many cases cause problems because they disrupt the normal progression of pregnancy, labor and birth. We list out all 15, give a detailed comparison of the risks vs benefits, and provide alternative solutions for each. 

List of Common Complication

Complications during labor and delivery can happen at any time during the birth of your little one. We are going to go over the 11 most common ones in great detail and discuss why they happen, what options you have if it does happen, and most importantly what you can do RIGHT NOW to prevent them.

Real Mom's Q&A

I share my deepest most intimate experiences surrounding my first pregnancy. You’ll have a first row seat to my fears, my breakdowns, and most importantly my wins. You will learn how I was able to go from terrified about natural child birth to completely empowered by it and you will gain all the tools and education you need to do that very thing for yourself. My story isn't the only one you’ll find though. Several incredible women who contributed positively to my journey will also contribute to yours as they have graciously allowed me to share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences with you.

Encouragement & Motivation

Throughout the program you will find personal messages from me rooting you on and whether this is your first pregnancy or your fifth, one thing we can all benefit from is a community of empowered women to lean into for help and guidance which is why you will be invited to our private Facebook Group. 

You Deserve The Facts

A detailed examination of the differences between giving birth at home, in a birthing center, or at  hospital and what to expect if you work with a midwife vs an OB/GYN and how to find the right one for you.

Special Crisis Edition Info 

Since COVID-19 is impacting everyone on a global scale it is so important that you know how it will impact you and your baby personally. We will give you an interactive map to determine how your area is being impacted, tools to keep you and your baby safe, and help to adapt your birth plan in these uncertain times.
Who Is This Program For...
  • ​​New mommas whose goal it is to have an unmedicated natural birth without fear or pain 
  • ​Any momma who has had a bad birthing experience in the past and want to make sure this time is different 
  • ​First time mom's who fear natural childbirth "ruining" their body but want to do what's best for their baby
  • ​New momma's who have to change their birth plan because of the COVID-19 pandemic 
Take Control Of Your Birth And Consciously Create The Birthing Experience Of Your Dreams! 
Right about now you are probably wondering okay but who are you and why are you qualified to give me this kind of life changing pregnancy advice? 

Hey Momma! I’m Cheyenne, a mother, entrepreneur, and crusader for women (no not one of those crazy Christian Crusaders).

I grew up in the united states and after a few, though years in my early 20’s I really thought I didn’t want kids. That is until I met this smokin’ hot guy named Brad but more on him later. 
After a few years and a lot of conversations, we actually decided to go for it and in august 2018 we found out we were pregnant.

It was a dream come true. 

It would be our first and only baby. 

We conceived in Paris… we even had a name picked out. 

But then in November at our 9-week appointment, we learned our baby had actually stopped developing weeks before. 

Everything else was progressing normally with my body, but there wasn’t a baby.

I was devasted.

so much so that we stopped trying… 

And for almost a year we didn’t talk about it again. 

But at the 8 months mark, we sat down to have a hard conversation about whether we were 
willing to try again.

Reluctantly we both agreed we would…

And about a month later I found out I was pregnant! 
(Turns out I was already pregnant when we talked about it.)

So we were in it, again, and I was going to do everything I could to give this baby every 
chance possible to be healthy.

I went into research mode, for what to eat, (books piling on top of each other), how much to exercise, sleep…everything and anything I could think of and you bet your life I was going to every single recommended doctor’s appointment.

We learned my dreams of having a little boy was coming true… 
We made it past the first trimester with no issues insight.

Everything was going great.

until we went to my 24-week appointment and my confidence in the “traditional” birthing process 
was shattered!

My OBGYN, who I’d spent months getting to know, who I trusted and was comfortable with told me that she wouldn’t be the one to deliver my baby.

She told me that it would be whoever was on call at the hospital when I went into labor.

Umm…. what??

she told me that it would be a complete stranger, that I’d never met.

That shook me. 

How can that be what’s considered normal?

Once it settled in that everything I’d come to expect wasn’t going to happen I started questioning everything.

 I knew there had to be a better way.

So I took matters into my own hands…

I searched ravenously, far and wide for a better way.

I became obsessed, learning about mid-wives, birthing centers…and that there are so many better things I could and should be doing to ensure I have a safe delivery and a healthy baby. 

Fast forward two years later I have learned so much. 

Especially the importance of sharing what we know and what we're going through with other moms because you never know who needs to hear YOUR story. 

Having experienced the fragility of life firsthand it became my mission to give my baby the best possible chance at a healthy, happy life and now I hope to help you to do the same. 

Looking forward to giving birth should feel like your greatest accomplishment, not your greatest fear. 

I truly believe that each of us deserves the opportunity to know there's another way...

A better way...
to take back our power, to approach birth with confidence, control, and do so without fear or pain. 

you deserve the very best birthing experience possible momma, and together, we will make sure you achieve it! 

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we will refund your money IN FULL!  

So, what are you waiting for?!

This is completely risk-free...

If you think there might be the slightest chance that this program will help you 
have the very best birth experience possible, stop procrastinating and click the button below 
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I am here to help you have a relaxed, safe, and fear free birth 
because you absolutely deserve it! 

You've got this momma!

Sending so much love, 
Cheyenne B. 

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